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March 31, 2009

The Hundreds in Playboy? WHAT?

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Just got this off the Hundreds blog, don’t have myself a Playboy subscription but after seeing this layout may have to hop on it!



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The Bloody Beetroots feat. DJ Steve Aoki- Warp

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Steve Aoki’s new signing, The Bloody Beetroots show off their new indie style in the form of a music video. Check the brutal elbow at 0:35, no joke. and if your wondering what Dim Mak is, thats Aoki’s label. Enjoy!



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More Nike SB April Releases

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A little preview of Nike SB’s April Accessories for 09. Once again we here at H& T are banking on getting our hands on some of these, if not all, items. Just hit us up in a week or so to see what we got. Word!



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March 30, 2009

Nike SB April 2009 Release

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Heres a quick look at some of what Nike SB is offering up for the beginning of spring. Look out for these on the H&T website in the near future.  The Dunk Hi’s are nikes redux of the “Un-heavens gate” and the dunk mid and blazer hi are both from Nike SB’s custom series 3. Stay on your periphs for these soon!



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March 22, 2009

Wale feat. Lady GaGa – Chillin

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Just caught this track over at 2dopeboys. Wasn’t sure what to think with lady gaga being on the track but i have to admit this is a pretty legit song. I mean personally, i think you could put Wale on an Elton John joint and it would still be fire. Download the track here and let me know what you think.



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March 21, 2009

New SBs for your mind one time

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Still trying to get your hands on a pair of the Quagmire hi’s, can’t find anyone that has the Brooklyn projects still in stock? Hamilton and Troup’s got your back, along with these two amazing pairs of dunks we also have some new classics, p-rods and blazers. Head over to the shop to check them all out. Make sure you don’t sleep on the Quagmires, or with them for that matter: Giggity!!



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March 20, 2009

One of these days………

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At the Geneva Auto Show, Infiniti presented their new Essence sportscar. The beautiful car does not only impress with its design and its 600 HP hybrid engine, but also with the details. As you can imagine the trunk is pretty small, therefore Infiniti commissioned Louis Vuitton to create a custom luggage collection, that fits perfectly into the trunk. I mean really? really? One of these days.



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March 17, 2009

Passion Pit

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Looking for a fresh new sound to brighten your day and make you want to dance all night, then you have to check out my man Nate Donmoyers band Passion Pit. Their band just signed to French kiss records under the Colombia UK Label. Big time!!!!! Peep their music video for their hit “Sleepyhead.” We here at H&T are calling that this song will be used for commercials and movies within no time. Click here to go to their myspace page and if you want to pick up their jams head on over to their itunes page and pick them up. From all the guys at H&T congratulations Donmoyer, and also don’t forget to check out his side project as DJ Shuttle. You can also find his jams on the DJ Shuttle myspace page. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!




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March 13, 2009


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I don’t know about you all but chappelle needs to make a come back and ASAP. 




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Cops………..best show ever

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No explanation needed my friends……………


Nuff Said….



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