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May 28, 2009

Schools Out Sale-25% off $100+ purchases



Ever since the first time i saw Dazed and Confused, i’ve dreamed about growing up during that time period in the US. You could drink at the age of 18, you wouldn’t end up with a criminal record because of a few thrown punches, and Money wasn’t as much a life line as it seems to be nowadays. We here at H&T understand how tough the money situation is which is why we are hitting you with another sale. Use the code shown above to get 25% off any purchase of $100 or more. We also have fresh SB’s still in stock including the Stefan Janoski pro model and the Ice Green Mid’s. 




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May 26, 2009

Fast Company Magazine- 100 most creative people in Business

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Via Highsnobiety

Fast Company magazine has published their new list of the 100 most creative people in business. Some folks that regularly make it into our news also made the list, including Kaws, Pharrell Williams, Damien Hirst. As much as we have always liked the work of Kaws, it still impresses us over and over again of how widely known and respected the artist has become in recent years. It’s very impressive and well deserved.


Check out the whole list



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May 21, 2009

King Stampede Summer 09 drop

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Heres a look at some of Stampede’s summer line up. Be on the look out for some of these items to hit H&T. Enjoy!!!!




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May 11, 2009

Rick Ross fakin’

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Ok so i haven’t really been posting up to date info on the formiddable train wreck that is Rick Ross (aka Officer Ricky). All this non sense between him and 50 cent is both annoying and not worth my time, but this situation is definitely worth a post. Turns out Rick Ross not only fronted as being a drug lord from the streets of miami (turned out to be a PO officer instead) but on his latest cover for XXL Magazine he is rocking FAKE Louis Vuitton Shades. Don’t know about you but i feel that it speaks to his career in a nut shell. Here is the Letter written to XXL from LV’s Malletier, Michael Pantalony.

Dear Editor:

We were dismayed to see the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine, which features a photo of Rick Ross wearing a pair of sunglasses prominently featuring counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. Because the photo has generated considerable confusion among your readers and Louis Vuitton customers among others, we feel it is important to clarify several points.

The first is that the sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton, and in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks. The second is that no affiliation, sponsorship or association exists between Rick Ross or XXL and Louis Vuitton. The third is that counterfeiting is illegal.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct the confusion.


Michael D. Pantalony, Esq.
Louis Vuitton Malletier

ross-topHAHAHAHA WHACK !!!!!!



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May 8, 2009

Kate Moss by Damien Hirst for Tar Magazine

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Via Highsnobiety

The new issue of bi-annual art magazine TAR has been released and even without looking inside the issue already starts strong. Damien Hirst created the cover art, which features super model Kate Moss. Further features include pieces on Spike Jonze, Phillippe Stark, Ryan McGinley and others. You can purchase the new issue now at colette.

Personally, I feel Damien Hirst is on a level of his own. I don’t even understand where he gets his ideas and/or inspirations from but I’m trying to have some of his pieces in my crib once i get settled in!


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May 4, 2009

H&T Sunday 2 Sunday sale: Nike SB

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New ish happening around Hamilton & Troup. Kicking off our new sale situation this week. From here on we will have a new sale that starts on a Sunday and ends the following sunday. Pretty cool idea, and what better company to kick off the new set up then a 25% off Nike SB gear. Don’t sleep, you only have a week to pick up your SB Kicks, Bookbags, Shirts, etc. Be on the lookout for a new sale starting next sunday!!!!




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May 1, 2009

History of the Blunt by Just-Ice

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Just caught this over at Street Knowledge Blogspot. Its a detailed account of the evolution of every rapper’s favorite weedsmoking instrument. Naturally, this tangent didn’t make the piece, but I thought those interested in New York lore might appreciate Just’s breakdown of how the Jamaican practice of smoking weed out of large, hollowed-out tobacco leaves (known as “fronto leafs”) evolved into an NYC ‘hood staple and, eventually, an ubiquitous rap talking point.producto

“The reason why a cigar is called a blunt is very simple. If you’re old enough, you should remember El Productos. That is the original blunt. Besides a fronto leaf, cause a fronto leaf was always here. Truth is people just couldn’t get a hold of those unless you were Jamaican. So what you used to do is go to the store, get a tray bag of weed and an El Producto blunt. And you would unwrap them like a leaf and then you would put your weed in there and roll it back up.

El Producto blunts, they went out of business in I think ‘85, ‘86. After the El Producto blunt, ’cause that was a strong ass cigar, a lot of people couldn’t take the pressure in they chest from the weed and the cigar. So El Producto created a new cigar called the Fino. That’s after the blunt. So that was a little lighter tasting. ‘Cause blunt actually means harsh. Now, a lot of people wasn’t skilled enough to unwrap the Fino and rewrap it over correctly, so they started smoking Phillies. With Phillies, all you had to do was split them open, put the weed in and roll it up. But a lot of people who smoked weed didn’t like Phillies, ’cause it burned too fast. Then we left the Phillies…Oh shit, my food’s burning, hold on…


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April 26, 2009

AA 12 Military Issue Shotgun

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Anyone who’s watched Mythbusters enough knows the damage a shotgun can cause. But imagine combining that firepower with the ‘benefits’ of a machine gun. What you’d end up with is the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, or the AA-12 for short, which is capable of firing up to 5 12-gauge shotgun shells per second. The gun was originally designed by Maxwell Atchisson way back in 1972, but in 1987 he sold the rights to a company called Military Police Systems who spent 18 years improving and perfecting the original design.

Not only can the AA-12 cause serious amounts of damage in a small amount of time, but thanks to a proprietary gas system there’s little to no recoil, which means the weapon can actually be fired with one hand if you’ve got the muscle. It’s also made from aerospace-grade stainless steel which means there’s minimal cleaning and it actually self-lubricates with the carbon produced by a shell firing. Future Weapons had a chance to try out the AA-12, and you’ll find a clip from that episode after the jump.



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Kodiak Zi6 HD Flip Camcorder

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Trying to get your “Flip game Proper.” This camera can record video at 720p, and 60 frames per second, which equals “real HD”. The device has 128MB of built in memory, and an SD(HC) card slot, so you will have to invest a little more in a memory card if you plan to record more than a few minutes of content. The camera runs off AA batteries, and a charger with 2 AA’s is included. To transfer the video off the Zi6, you simply flip the integrated USB connector out the side, and plug it into your PC. The included software allows for easy transfers to Youtube.


The Kodak Zi6 normally retails for $179, but is currently on sale through Amazon for just $129.99 with free shipping.



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April 22, 2009

10.Deep Spring 2009 Delivery 2

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We take a look at the 10.Deep Spring 2009 Delivery 2. Taking inspiration from biking, the theme is both reflected in the styles and in the graphics of the second delivery. The drop includes lightweight windrunners, t-shirts, hoodies and caps. Be on the lookout for many of these pieces on the H & T webpage.10deep-summer-2009-310deep-summer-2009-2






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