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June 26, 2009

Nike SB’s HD Skate Video “Debacle”- free Download

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Nike SB’s HD video project, Debacle, is now available as a free download direct from Nike SB. Featured skaters include Justin Brock, Daryl Angel, David Clark, Grant Taylor, Shane O’Neill and Theotis Beasley. If you have 22 minutes, it’s worth watching in it’s entirety.



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May 13, 2009

Bastard Skate shop- Milan

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Via Highsnobiety

When you think it has all been done, it is always great to be proofed wrong. Studiometricotransformed an old theater into skate heaven – the Bastard Store.

“Needing to fully integrate the administrative and design departments, along with a flagship store, studiometrico incorporated the needs of all aspects of the company into a single space.

Built in 1940, the Cinema Istria had previously held a car dealership, but with this project it became fully re-concieved. The most glorious aspect of the design is a skate bowl, suspended above all the working departments.”




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May 11, 2009

Nike Sportswear Air Max Livestrong collection

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Via Hypebeast

Inspired by their long-standing LIVESTRONG Campaign, Nike work up a new collection of Air Max sneakers featuring the iconic yellow colorway amongst black/white/grey backdrops. The lineup will feature the classic Air Max 1, Air Max 90 and Air Max 180 runners with a release date slated for May 16th, 2009 exclusively through the following retailers: ALIFE (New York City), Bodega (Boston), Darkside (San Francisco), Dave’s Quality Meat (NYC), Goods (Seattle), HUF (San Francisco), Nike Sportswear @ 21 Mercer NYC & The Montalban LA, Shoe Gallery (Miami), UNDFTD (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Monica)



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May 8, 2009

Day at the park!!!

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Finally got a nice day amongst all this rain and bad weather. Thats the problem with MD; our weather situation is so unpredictable. One week it will be in the 50’s and rainy, and then the next week it will be in the mid 90’s with 99.9999% humidity. Today was a rare tweener; sunny and cool. So we at H&T made the best out of it, hit up the skatepark. Check the photos of the youngsters doing work.







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February 28, 2009

Really? One of the best free kicks ever in soccer history!!!

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This is something you don’t see everyday. For those of you not familiar with soccer rules and regs, an indirect kick means that in order for a goal to be scored one person from your team must touch the ball before the ball travels across the goal line. In this case, the first person to touch the ball scoops the ball over his head and while the next player destroys a volley upper 90 for a goal, the defense has no idea what the hell is going on. Enjoy!!!



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February 11, 2009

RIP Jeremy Lusk

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Lusk was announced dead yesterday at Calderon Hospital after suffering severe head injuries this past Saturday. Check the vid and make sure to visit the page and leave your love for an X games legend. Our prayers go out to his Fam and Friends.



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February 4, 2009

Miller High Life Super Bowl Commercials

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Not sure if anyone caught the Miller High Life commercials during the super bowl, but if you did you probably loved them. The only problem was, in an effort to save money on advertising, MHL decided to make a bunch of commercials that where only a couple seconds long. Im not sure how many of these takes got played during the game but the video posted shows all of the potential ads. My favorite has to be the butchering of the word “champagne” in champagne of beers. Enjoy!!!




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February 2, 2009

Marijuana is a performance enhancing drug?

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pm_phelps_narrowweb__300x4000If your Michael Phelps it very well could be. This pic, which shows Phelps puffing the peace pipe, surfaced a few days ago in a british tabloid. Phelps has already apologized numerous times for the pic claiming that his choice to smoke Marijuana was both childish and irresponsible. The Olympic Gold Medalist, who won a world record 8 gold medals this past olympics, is showing everyone that even if you smoke weed and drive under the influence of alcohol, you can still achieve greatness. Besides I bet swimming in a pool is so much better when your smacked.



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Super Bowl Shenanigans!!!!

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So if you are one of 5 people in America that didn’t watch the Superbowl, you missed the last minute catch made by Santonio Holmes to give Pittsburgh the 27 to 23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals (Check ESPN for full game review). Although it was a good game, the commercials where sub-par and being a Redskins fan I wasn’t too thrilled to see the Steelers win, but at least it wasn’t that whack team from Dallas. Anyways, I met up with my friend Aus in DC for the Superbowl festivities and over the last couple days he showed me a good time. Of course a trip to DC is nothing without a trip to DC’s Major and when visiting a city as ethnically diverse as DC you would be a fool not to enjoy some ethnic cuisine such as some Pho.cimg0233




Pho is a Vietnamese Noodle dish that is much like a high class bowl of Ramen Noodles. The place we visited in Silver Springs was Pho Hiep Hoa. By far the best noodle situation i have dealt with since my friends Thai Restaurant in Nashville. This place was off the chains and the service was great. So for any of you that are in the Silver Spring/ G-town area stop by the best Vietnamese Noodle place on the block and let them know Hamilton and Troup sent you. And make sure you show some love for my boys Toan and Brian who are chilling with me in the Picture above. They go out of there way to make sure you have the best noodle experience possible. Simply Quality!!!!!





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February 1, 2009

Australian Open Final: #1 means #1

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tennis_g_nadalfedts_576The Australian Open ended last night with the #1 ranked Rafael Nadal on top.  This major win not only marked the first Aussie open win for a spanish player but it is Nadal’s 6th major before his 23 birthday (twice as many as Federer had by his 23rd b-day). Federer, although speaking highly of his opponent, Nadal, was obviously upset as this loss kept him one major behind the record holder Pete Sampras. Check the box-score and highlights on ESPN.



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