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March 17, 2009

Passion Pit

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Looking for a fresh new sound to brighten your day and make you want to dance all night, then you have to check out my man Nate Donmoyers band Passion Pit. Their band just signed to French kiss records under the Colombia UK Label. Big time!!!!! Peep their music video for their hit “Sleepyhead.” We here at H&T are calling that this song will be used for commercials and movies within no time. Click here to go to their myspace page and if you want to pick up their jams head on over to their itunes page and pick them up. From all the guys at H&T congratulations Donmoyer, and also don’t forget to check out his side project as DJ Shuttle. You can also find his jams on the DJ Shuttle myspace page. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!




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March 13, 2009


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I don’t know about you all but chappelle needs to make a come back and ASAP. 




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February 28, 2009

Jamie Foxx Feat. T-Pain and Ron Howard????

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Not quite a fan of the song considering it gets played 5 times an hour on the local DMV area hip hop and R and B stations around my way but when i saw the video over at 2dopeboys i couldn’t help but post it. Quincey Jones and SAmuel Jackson just ballin in this joint. Enjoy!!!! PS. Jake Gyllenhaal and Forrest Whitaker? Really?



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February 14, 2009

Sale @ Hamilton and Troup

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We will be having a sale all week long! Don’t sleep Items are selling out fast!!

February 10, 2009

Natalie Portman Rap:WTF!

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The SNL short film with Natalie Portman rapping about drinking and having sex all night!

February 5, 2009

Purple Blazers and Orange Blaze P-Rod’s now at Hamilton & Troup

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Just Got in some more Nike SB’s including the Purple Blazers, lowtop black and white blazers. Also got in some pairs of the Boulder lowtop blazers, which I’m trying to invest in myself, and two color-ways in the P-rod 2; Orange Blaze and the black forrest/lemon drop. Check out Hamilton & Troup for sizes.




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February 4, 2009

Miller High Life Super Bowl Commercials

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Not sure if anyone caught the Miller High Life commercials during the super bowl, but if you did you probably loved them. The only problem was, in an effort to save money on advertising, MHL decided to make a bunch of commercials that where only a couple seconds long. Im not sure how many of these takes got played during the game but the video posted shows all of the potential ads. My favorite has to be the butchering of the word “champagne” in champagne of beers. Enjoy!!!




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January 30, 2009

Beijing Mids now at Hamilton & Troup

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yhst-44075651999413_2040_24164401Get them while you can! Hamilton & Troup has come across a few pairs of the Nike SB dunk mid “Beijing’s.” The shoe, which was designed by Triumvir’s founder, Brandon Cheng, is said to be based on the everyday Beijing, China Perspective. For a full story on the shoe you can visit Triumvir, and to cop these mids before any of your greedy friends do click here to head to the Hamilton & Troup shop to pick yours up. Don’t sleep either, these are very limited edition and very limited in quantity.



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January 29, 2009

Gunning Box Bar

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Inspired by the cabinets used by gunsmiths to store and carry cartridges for their custom firearms, the Gunning Box Bar ($870) mixes functionality with old-world class. The roughly two foot-tall cabinet is made from solid mahogany, with brass corners and handles, plenty of space for bottles, and door-mounted shelves for holding glasses and accessories

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